March 2022

Randy Burns and Payal Bhattacharya were awarded the 2022 American Physical Society Ovshinsky Student Travel Award from DMP.

Aug. 2020

NSF-sponsored Midscale Research Infrastructure workshop -Precision Nanoscale Patterning and Characterization: From Cybernetic Proteins to Nanoengineered Quantum Devices (Aug. 5- 7, 2020) . More information is on the Website.

Nov. 2017

NSF sponsored US-Brazil Workshop on Biosensors: Bioanalytics to Device Integration (Nov. 8-10, 2017).

Sept. 2015

Researchers Take First Steps to Create Biodegradable Displays for Electronics

This illustration shows a theoretical simulation of the distribution of polymer on peptide nanotubes and an electron microscopy image of the nanocomposite.