October 2023

Physics Leaders Awards 

Dallar and Randy receive awards. (Dylan, working with Prof. King, was in second place)


May 2023

John Barron and Payal Bhattacharya successfully obtain their PhDs. Congratulations!

March  2022

Randy Burns and Payal Bhattacharya were awarded the 2022 American Physical Society Ovshinsky Student Travel Award from DMP.

Aug. 2020

NSF-sponsored Midscale Research Infrastructure workshop -Precision Nanoscale Patterning and Characterization: From Cybernetic Proteins to Nanoengineered Quantum Devices (Aug. 5- 7, 2020) . More information is on the Website. 

Nov. 2017

NSF sponsored US-Brazil Workshop on Biosensors: Bioanalytics to Device Integration (Nov. 8-10, 2017). 

Sept. 2015

Researchers Take First Steps to Create Biodegradable Displays for Electronics


This illustration shows a theoretical simulation of the distribution of polymer on peptide nanotubes and an electron microscopy image of the nanocomposite.