Guha Research Laboratory

Welcome to the Webpage of the organic/hybrid electronics and light scattering research group

We are an experimental condensed matter physics group (Department of Physics and Astronomy) with a focus on organic semiconductors, halide perovskites, and peptide nanocomposites. In particular, our focus is on molecular and organic electronics –field-effect transistors, solar cells/photodiodes, and light-emitting diodes. Our research utilizes: (a) optical spectroscopic techniques such as Raman scattering, photoluminescence/ absorption, modulation spectroscopy including high pressure techniques, non-linear optical spectroscopy; (b) device fabrication methods such as spincasting, thermal evaporation, inkjet printing, modified pulsed laser deposition techniques, and self-assembly processes; (c) electrical characterization techniques such as current-voltage and capacitance measurements.